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frequently asked questions

How can I get the offers from you?
Just sent us an e-mail or call us with your preferred type of property (region) and we'll prepare an extensive selection from various sources matching exactly your demand.

What do you provide that is different?
We have an entirely different approach towards the property owners/agencies. We are independent from the sellers as we don't charge them. That's why you get real representation.

Why is your service better than using "an independent lawyer"?

Using an independent lawyer is still better than not using anyone else except the ordinary agency. Some of the lawyers you'll come upon are specialists in real estate, some are not. In both cases, when you hire just a lawyer, you'll get the job done for specific services - like checking the title deed or the prelimnary contract. You'll not get the complete legal solution we offer, you'll pay far more per service pieces and there is a considerable risk of missing something important.

I have found an agent that doesn't charge me even 1%. Why should I use you? It's absolutely sure that this agent is charging a huge percentage from the seller (which in fact you pay at the end). Such percentages in Bulgaria often range up to 10% and very often as well when it comes to houses, agencies make contracts with the sellers to raise the price, in those cases the increase may reach 2 - 3 times the initial property value. With us you know that what you pay is all. Absolutely no hidden fees.

I have contacted a builder directly. What are the advantages of your involvement as my representative? You have to be prepared before signing anything like a preliminary contract or a title deed. These documents need a very carefull check. Also, the period in whcih a development is built sometimes is very long, during that time it is a good idea to keep a close track both on the construction works and the status of the selling company. That's what we provide for your better protection.

Buying from distance against visiting Bulgaria? The best thing you could do is visit the country, meet the agency and lawyers, the builders or sellers. Of course, sometimes it is difficult to find the time to do it, but at least you should try. Whether you'll come or not, you should always check as much as possible in advance, especially documents you have to sign. This is a different country with entirely different business practice than in your own country.

How about cultural differences?
You'll find many cases of sellers that decide to raise suddenly the price just before the deal is concluded or simply withdraw from sale. This shouldn't surprise you, although you'll find no explanation for it. These are people that don't know what they want and sometimes you'll meet them here. Cultural differences are much more diverse than that, of course, and most of these differences will please you, but you have to be prepared for some not so pleasant as well.

Do I have to buy in a hurry to take advantage of lower prices or I have to examine lots of offers before purchase and take my time?
You have to find the balance. You have to use the tendency of the price increase and not wait too much, but also, don't go for the first chance. One month is not a long period for the price increase, three months may already be.

What is "tax estimation price"? I understand that most of the sellers/developers insist this to be written in the title deeds and not the real value. What are the implications for me?
First, it is illegal, though the majority of the deals are done this way. The sellers save from tax, but in fact this tax is transferred to you if you re-sell the property at the real value at a later stage. For full details and ways of dealing with this or other issues, you could contact us at: