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you save from:

Lower prices of properties with us.
This is achieved by various things we do differently. If you compare prices of Bulgarian properties that are offered for customers abroad and for the local market, you'll find at least 20-30% increase for foreigners (in most of the cases the increase is bigger). The increase is forced both by agencies advertizing abroad and sellers. We avoid that working preferrably with local agencies and offers meant for the local market. Because we don't charge the sellers, we are independent from them and freely negotiate even further reduction. When we work with agencies or sellers who aim the foreign clients, we are also in a position to lower the prices, partially also the discount is achieved by deduction of our commission.

No commission to any other agency.
The only fees you pay are those clearly stated in our web site. The rule on the Bulgarian real estate market is, if 2 agecnies work on a deal, each one charges only the buyer or seller respectively. This allows you an absolute selection of options. Even if you like an offer you find on the internet, advertised by somebody else, you could turn to us for real representation and solid check of ownership documents. You'll get your property fast and secure.

There are no hidden fees.
We are very strict in our payment policy. You'll find all of the information here and if a very specific task is required, the first thing that will be given is the total value.