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Why is it more secure?

99% of clients from abroad rely on agencies to a great extent.
In a foreign country like Bulgaria with a completely different legislation and business practice, clients have no other choice, but rely on the people that brought the offers to them. These are our observations from what's happening. This dependence in most of the cases is very difficult to control. In various stages of the buying procedure you have to leave various letters of attorney or rely on the people from the agencies for certain decisions etc. In some of the cases these people are nice and reliable, but in ALL of the cases those people themselves are dependent on the sellers, as they take commission from them or are dependent on other agencies they work with and the deal depends on this co-opertaion. INDEPENDENT PARTNERS is a pure exception, as we don't charge the sellers and we operate in Bulgaria and do not rely on local agencies to tell us what to do. Thus, you'll get a real representation and get the job done the right way.